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Our Most Relaxing Offerings

Back Massage

Signature Touch

50 min, 229 SR

The ultimate unique massage combination 
of techniques created by Nature Touch Spa

Touching the Surface

Swedish Touch

50 min, 185 SR

Involves mild, moderate or deeper strokes.
and gliding to ease back pain and relaxation


Cupping Touch

50 min, 240 SR

Hawaian techniques, strokes are done 
with hands and cup to burden your stress 
and rejuvenate the body

Volcanic Massage_edited.jpg

Volcanic Touch

60 min, 298 SR

Japanese and hot stone technique that will ease your stress and helps to remove your dull cold pain in your body.


Bamboo Touch

50 min, 249 SR

Reach ultimate relaxation with our calming, therapeutic and invigorating Bamboo Massage Tecnique. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to tailor each experience especially for you, using traditional methods and high-performance ingredients.

Services: Treatments


Our Most Relaxing Offerings

Bath Salts and Soap

The Hammam

50 min, 199 SR

Discover our very own Hammam that 

 will make your skin soft, clean and fresh. 

Services: Treatments

Full Relax


Image by Dmitry Bayer

Swedish Touch & Hammam (Regular) 

100 min, 385sr

Signature Touch and Hammam (Regular)

100 min, 428sr

The Bubbles

100 min, 438sr

The Signatures (Signature Touch & Signature Hammam)

100 min, 478sr

Services: Treatments
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